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Holiday Programme December 2023

In our holiday programme themed “Little Ocean Explorer,” children enthusiastically engaged in baking cookies shaped like starfish and dolphins. The delightful aroma of these ocean-inspired treats filled the air, infusing our baking adventure with a sense of wonder and excitement.

Children creatively painted paper plates to represent the three layers of the ocean. They adorned their artwork with vibrant sea creatures they had drawn and coloured, infusing the depths with imagination and charm.

The children learnt about the three layers of the ocean and worked together as a group to classify fishes according to these layers. They acquired knowledge about the distinct characteristics of each layer and also cultivated essential skills such as teamwork and critical thinking.

The last day of the “Little Ocean Explorer” themed holiday programme was a blast! The children had a great time wrapping up the session, engaging in a role-play of ocean cleaning, and enjoying a fun photobooth session.