About Orange Tree

What We Believe

At the Orange Tree Preschool, we view children as unique individuals who should be groomed according to their developmental needs. We believe in providing a learning environment where the children feel secure and happy whilst building a positive self-esteem and acquiring a sense of competence in all developmental areas.

Vision & Mission

Our Core Values

At Orange Tree, in line with our mission to build an authentic partnership with families and the community, we inculcate a CARING attitude in our students.

We believe that a caring attitude is pivotal in driving us to achieve lifelong success. Caring serves as the basis for all our positive interactions and relations with others.

Encouraging Divergent Thinking

Children are spontaneous and free flowing in their thoughts. We encourage divergent thinking to foster creativity as children learn to make new connections and explore a variety of possible solutions, in their effort to find one that works.

Raising Active Learners

Children need plenty of experiences using their whole body and all five senses to make important learning discoveries. Our holistic and multi-sensory learning activities are age-appropriate and reflect the children’s interests, needs and skills.

Enabling Adaptive Responses

Our child-centric and enabling environment lays the foundation of resilience. Our children develop the ability to adapt well to changes, through supportive relationships, adaptive skill-building, and positive experiences.

Fuelling Curiosity

Children are born with limitless curiosity. We encourage our children to constantly ask questions to understand the world around them and to equip them with the “soft skills” to set them up for a successful future.

Promoting healthy growth and development

At Orange Tree, our teachers and caregivers are fully present in their interactions with children. We are sensitive to their needs and we endeavour to provide a safe, comfortable and conducive environment to promote the healthy development of self-esteem.

Reinforcing the qualities of kindness, humility and respect

Graciousness speaks volume about us. We build positive interactions through cultivating a gracious heart in our students. We teach our children to think and react towards others in a caring way and to think through how our choices affect those around us.

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