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The Orange Tree Preschool has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2003. Led by a team of experienced and qualified Early Childhood Specialists with decades of combined & credible experience, we are proud to announce the unveiling of our very first teaching facility in Malaysia.

An insight into our philosophy, and why we picked the name “Orange Tree”. An orange tree, if it is well cared for, bears good oranges. Children are like little oranges. Bright, vibrant & full of life. We aspire to be the tree, providing children with the right nutrition & nursing them to grow protected & freely. Whether your children are Continental oranges or Mandarin oranges, let us nurture them to the fullest & help them stand out among the crop.


Provide quality education and care for children in a safe environment and prepare them with skills to be responsible, respectful, competent and independent lifelong learners.


Serve as a foundation for children in their early learning years and work with families and communities to support children’s holistic development and instil passion for learning

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Our Core Values



Encouraging divergent thinking.



Raising active learners.



Enabling adaptive responses.



Fuelling curiosity.



Promoting healthy growth and development.



Reinforcing the qualities of kindness, humility and respect.

Why Choose Us

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Proven academic readiness to primary school

Our proven track records of success in preparing our students for formal schooling including public, private, and international schools.

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Child-centered curriculum using a blended approach

Our holistic cum child-centered curriculum using a blended approach and adapted to meet the local needs, is designed by our well qualified and experienced Singapore team. It aims to potentialise the individual learning abilities and unique strengths, in addition to focusing on language proficiency through proven pedagogies, with support provided by Skylace Language School (Mandarin) and Morris Allen English (Singapore). 

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Proven academic readiness to primary school

All our teachers possess a minimum of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or related education certification. The on-the-job training as well as specially tailored training programmes conducted by our specialist team, on a regular basis, serve to ensure that the expected standards are met.

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Well-planned Learning Hours

Methodical and well-planned learning hours that allow children to explore and experience a complete range of learning abilities through enriching and engaging activities.

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Ideal Class Size

Our small and ideal class size ensures that every child is accorded the due attention to support their growth and development. 

Why Choose Us

What Parents Say About Our School

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